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August 2012 Sports News

August 2012 Sports News

August was the season of sports for the Ghana republic when many of its sportsmen were busy doing something or the other remarkable and more worthy than anything else. Most of the August 2012 sports News captured Ghana and the sports where Ghana's sportsmen were directly involved with the people and they had got better options coming across. It was the time for Ghana to come across some of the amazing sporting events, while losing on some. Ghana had long been in the civil war, but with the participation of sportsmen from Ghana in the event, there was more to just everything.
In one of the August 2012 sports news, Ghana just failed to get the recognition at the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup as they bowed out of the competition letting everyone doubt on their best performance activity. The Black Princesses ultimately lost by 1-0 to China in the final Group D matches at the Komaba Stadium in Saitama. It was simply hard to believe that Ghana finished at the very bottom of the group and the team had nothing better to express their loss amongst the thousands out there.

It was with the help of Zhao Xindi's 35th minute goal which ultimately put a black end to the Princesses hopes of bidding an adieu to the medal podium as she also had in the earlier event had two straight losses recorded to United States and Germany. For the Ghana football team, there was absolutely no happy ending at all as they simply failed to make the right landing by scoring even a single goal against China.

For China too, it was not a happy ending, as despite winning over Ghana, as she was out of the second round because Germany had beaten U.S. 3-0 in the other game. Therefore, it was the straight game between Germany and North America.

It was also moment of celebration for the Ghana's former International Boxing Federation (IBF) bantamweight champion, Joseph King Kong Agbeko. The champion is eager for another world title who wanted to go for the world title chance in the early next year after he rejected the two opportunities in the bantamweight division.

Agbeko, who has repositioned to the United States in the last month for the purpose of training and entering a long term fight contract, said he turned down the world title chances simply for the reason that the bantamweight fights will make the things better.

The 32-year-old boxer is stimulating up to fight old foe Abner Mares of Mexico or Panama's Anselmo Moreno after getting the October 13 bout for the World Boxing Association (WBA) super-bantamweight title which will be held in New York.It is important to note that Agbeko lost his bantamweight title to Mares in the last year.

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Last Updated on 09/04/2012