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IPL 2018 Points Table

IPL Points Table 2018

The IPL 2018, which will be played from 7 April 2018 to 27 May2018, will see eight teams battling it out for the much-coveted trophy. The entire world will be watching developments after every match and referring to the points table to have a reality check. Before the IPL 2018 reaches the knockout stage, every team would be keenly following the points table not only to track the wins and losses but also to understand the latest position and set future expectations. The points table will tell you the number of matches played by each team, matches won and lost and the net run rate.

IPL 11 2018 Points Table

Kolkata Knight Riders532006+0.825
Royal Challengers Bangalore08 Apr Won by 4 wkts
Chennai Super Kings10 Apr Lost by 5 wkts
Sunrisers Hyderabad14 Apr Lost by 5 wkts
Delhi Daredevils16 Apr Won by 71 runs
Rajasthan Royals18 Apr Won by 7 wkts
Kings XI Punjab21 Apr
Delhi Daredevils27 Apr
Royal Challengers Bangalore29 Apr
Chennai Super Kings03 May
Mumbai Indians06 May
Mumbai Indians09 May
Kings XI Punjab12 May
Rajasthan Royals15 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad19 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad330006+0.772
Rajasthan Royals09 Apr Won by 9 wkts
Mumbai Indians12 Apr Won by 1 wkt
Kolkata Knight Riders14 Apr Won by 5 wkts
Kings XI Punjab19 Apr
Chennai Super Kings22 Apr
Mumbai Indians24 Apr
Kings XI Punjab26 Apr
Rajasthan Royals29 Apr
Delhi Daredevils05 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore07 May
Delhi Daredevils10 May
Chennai Super Kings13 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore17 May
Kolkata Knight Riders19 May
Kings XI Punjab321004+0.116
Delhi Daredevils08 Apr Won by 6 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore13 Apr Lost by 4 wkts
Chennai Super Kings15 Apr Won by 4 runs
Sunrisers Hyderabad19 Apr
Kolkata Knight Riders21 Apr
Delhi Daredevils23 Apr
Sunrisers Hyderabad26 Apr
Mumbai Indians04 May
Rajasthan Royals06 May
Rajasthan Royals08 May
Kolkata Knight Riders12 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore14 May
Mumbai Indians16 May
Chennai Super Kings20 May
Chennai Super Kings321004+0.103
Mumbai Indians07 Apr Won by 1 wkt
Kolkata Knight Riders10 Apr Won by 5 wkts
Kings XI Punjab15 Apr Lost by 4 runs
Rajasthan Royals20 Apr
Sunrisers Hyderabad22 Apr
Royal Challengers Bangalore25 Apr
Mumbai Indians28 Apr
Delhi Daredevils30 Apr
Kolkata Knight Riders03 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore05 May
Rajasthan Royals11 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad13 May
Delhi Daredevils18 May
Kings XI Punjab20 May
Rajasthan Royals422004-0.366
Sunrisers Hyderabad09 Apr Lost by 9 wkts
Delhi Daredevils11 Apr Won by 10 runs (DLS method)
Royal Challengers Bangalore15 Apr Won by 19 runs
Kolkata Knight Riders18 Apr Lost by 7 wkts
Chennai Super Kings20 Apr
Mumbai Indians22 Apr
Sunrisers Hyderabad29 Apr
Delhi Daredevils02 May
Kings XI Punjab06 May
Kings XI Punjab08 May
Chennai Super Kings11 May
Mumbai Indians13 May
Kolkata Knight Riders15 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore19 May
Mumbai Indians413002+0.445
Chennai Super Kings07 Apr Lost by 1 wkt
Sunrisers Hyderabad12 Apr Lost by 1 wkt
Delhi Daredevils14 Apr Lost by 7 wkts
Royal Challengers Bangalore17 Apr Won by 46 runs
Rajasthan Royals22 Apr
Sunrisers Hyderabad24 Apr
Chennai Super Kings28 Apr
Royal Challengers Bangalore01 May
Kings XI Punjab04 May
Kolkata Knight Riders06 May
Kolkata Knight Riders09 May
Rajasthan Royals13 May
Kings XI Punjab16 May
Delhi Daredevils20 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore413002-0.861
Kolkata Knight Riders08 Apr Lost by 4 wkts
Kings XI Punjab13 Apr Won by 4 wkts
Rajasthan Royals15 Apr Lost by 19 runs
Mumbai Indians17 Apr Lost by 46 runs
Delhi Daredevils21 Apr
Chennai Super Kings25 Apr
Kolkata Knight Riders29 Apr
Mumbai Indians01 May
Chennai Super Kings05 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad07 May
Delhi Daredevils12 May
Kings XI Punjab14 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad17 May
Rajasthan Royals19 May
Delhi Daredevils413002-1.399
Kings XI Punjab08 Apr Lost by 6 wkts
Rajasthan Royals11 Apr Lost by 10 runs (DLS method)
Mumbai Indians14 Apr Won by 7 wkts
Kolkata Knight Riders16 Apr Lost by 71 runs
Royal Challengers Bangalore21 Apr
Kings XI Punjab23 Apr
Kolkata Knight Riders27 Apr
Chennai Super Kings30 Apr
Rajasthan Royals02 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad05 May
Sunrisers Hyderabad10 May
Royal Challengers Bangalore12 May
Chennai Super Kings18 May
Mumbai Indians20 May


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