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The admirers of mixed martial arts have a reason to cheer. A grand sporting event dedicated to the form is being held in the country.

Super Fight League, an event organized by Raj Kundra (renowned entrepreneur and owner of an IPL team) and Sanjay Dutt (popular Indian actor) is turning out to be the most anticipated event featuring some of the best fighters in the world.

Super Fight League will give an occasion to the audiences to witness boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, karate and other forms of martial arts on a single platform. What is even better is that it is an event that will begin and end on the same day. All fights scheduled for the event will be held on the same day.

Super Fight League has all components to be a super hot league. Two of the well known Indian celebrities backing it up, an innovative concept, some new but talented Indian wrestlers ready to take on the wrestlers across the World and the Ozone girls cheering up for their respective sides. Moreover, the event will kick start with a concert featuring some of the top notch Bollywood actors and performers. Bipasha Basu and Mika will be the main attractions of the concert.

Super Fight League Schedule

Super Fight League 111th March 2012
VenueAndheri Sports Complex, Mumbai
Timings6.30 pm onwards
Total Number of Bouts8
Super Fight League 27th April 2012, Exhibition Cum Circus Ground, Chandigarh
Super Fight League 36th May 2012, New Delhi

The Combats
1Xavier Foupa-Pokam aka Professor X (France) VS Joey "Coyote" Guel (USA) Middle Weights
2Satish Jha (India) VS Jimmy Ambriz (USA)Heavy Weights
3Lakwinder Sekhon (India) VS Madura Rathnayake (Sri Lanka)Light Weight
4Mohd Shahid (India) VS Mayura (Sri Lanka)Welter Weight
5Chaitanya Gavali (India) VS Tiran (Sri Lanka)Feather Weight
6Neil Natasadu (India) VS Travis Bell (USA) Light Heavy Weight
7Lena (Ukraine) VS Sanja (Serbia) 
8James Thompson (UK) VS Bob Sapp (USA)Heavy Weight

If you are already excited at the idea of getting to see some high intensity matches, don't waste a moment and book yourself a ticket.

Super Fight League Tickets Cost

  • General: 1000 rupees
  • Premium: 2000 rupees
  • VIP: 3000 rupees
You can buy tickets from

If you will rather prefer to sit at home you can catch the event live on You Tube from 7.15 pm onwards.

Last Updated on 3/9/2012