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Table Tennis

Even called "Ping Pong", this is a kind of indoor game, which involves 2 to 4 players, who hit the table tennis ball that is a hollow and lightweight ball, back and forward with the help of a unique type of small sized rackets. This game necessitates a hard table, which is divided by a net from in between as well as fast and quick reaction of the players. There is a doubt regarding the place of origination of this popular most game. Some say that this game has originated from Britain, while others claim its birth place to be the United States or the U. S. Some even believe that this sport was invented in India whereas, some others have even associated the name of South Africa with the place of origination of the table tennis game. The Ping Pong Association was founded in Britain in 1921. However, after 5 years from that, the I. T. T. F. or the International Table Tennis Federation that was set up in the year 1926, which is, currently, responsible for all the events and affairs related to this game all over the world. The U. S. Table Tennis Association that is among its affiliates was established in 1933.

Table Tennis in India

This country is said to be the International Table Tennis Federation or the I. T. T. F's founder cum member. India participated in the inaugural event of the World Championships, which was held in the year 1926 in London. In Asia, the World Championship was, for the first time, conducted in 1952 in the city of Mumbai. The T. T. F. I. or the Table Tennis Federation of India came into being in the year 1937, after around 4 years from the establishment of the U. S. Table Tennis Association. Based in the city of Kolkata, the T. T. F. I. then had the affiliation of 4 other state associations.

Rules of Table Tennis

Listed below are some of the fundamental rules and guidelines for playing table tennis, which the players need to follow while playing this indoor game:
  • The tennis ball needs to be hit in such a manner by a player that it bounce once on his or her side of the table and bounces once on the side of the opponent player after crossing the net.
  • A player scores when the opponent table tennis player fails to strike the tennis ball back to the player.
  • If after the tennis ball is served, it supports it or touches the net while passing over it, the rally is considered to be let.
  • The rally is even believed to be let in case the ball is served when the opponent player is not ready.
  • In case the tennis ball is still in motion, when the specified time is reached, the umpire needs to stop the game. The game is resumed with the player's service, who was the server when the game was interrupted. However, in case the table tennis ball is not in motion, then the game is resumed by that player, who was the receiver in the rally, which immediately preceded the game.
  • If any table tennis player receives or serves out of turn, then the umpire stops the play as soon as he or she discovers the error. The game resumes with the serving of the player, who is supposed to serve as per the sequence, which was established from the match beginning. However, in the doubles' table tennis match, the game resumes according to the order of first serve as chosen by both the players of a team.
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