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This is a kind of racket sport, which is played by at least 2 players, who stand opposite to each other, each taking position in each of the halves created by the net that runs in between the rectangular shaped badminton court. The scoring of this sport is based on the striking of the shuttlecock with the help of the player's individual racket so as to pass it on to the opponent player's court over the net.

Badminton in India

Originating from the city of Pune, this sport has quite well laid roots in India. When the game was 1st played by the army officers of the British era in the 1870s, the sport was named as Poona, after the name of the then Pune city. However, later, it was named after Gloucestershire's Badminton House, when it was introduced in Britain by the British officials. Initially in was played by some of the then elite clubs of the Indian Republic as an activity for recreation. During the 1920s, much later after the introduction of the game, it was given an organizational structure. However, tournaments of Badminton, at both regional as well as national level, were held in another 10 years of time.

Presently, this sport in India is played by many youngsters. The country has got several highly talented badminton players, who have shown good success in the domestic arena. The nation conducts numerous tournaments at different levels like state, regional as well as national. Some of the badminton players from the Republic of India have even participated in the international matches. The international fame is comparatively less though. To name a few of the most recent international badminton tournaments, where the Indian badminton players have participated are:

  • Swedish International, 2012
  • Austrian International, 2012
  • Syed Modi Memorial India Open Grand Prix, 2011
  • Tata Open India International Challenge, 2011

Basic Rules of Badminton

The sport of badminton can be played in either of the following 2 ways:

  • Singles: This form of badminton includes just 2 players, who contest each other.

  • Doubles: In this form of the game, 4 players are allowed to play at a time, where 2 contending pairs are made out of them.

Some of the basic rules, which each and every badminton players need to follow, while playing the game, are as follows:

  • The shuttlecock can be stroke just once by each of the sides before passing it over the net.

  • The rally ends in case the shuttlecock touches the ground.
  • Scoring 21 points marks the end of each game, where a player, irrespective of the serving, is allowed to score every time a rally is won by him or her.
  • The rally starts by the serving of the shuttlecock, while the opposing players are positioned in the service courts, which are diagonally opposite to each other.
  • The serving needs to be done in such a manner that it hits below the height of the waist while the racquet shaft points downwards.
  • In case a rally in lost by the server or the serving side, the opponent player immediately becomes eligible for the next serve.
  • In a single's badminton match, if the server has even score, then he or she is supposed to stand in their right hand service court. In case the score is odd, he or she serves from their left side service court.
  • In a double's badminton tournament, if a rally is won by the serving side or the server, the player, who has own the rally serves. The change of service court is allowed as well so as to serve the different opposing player each time. When a rally is won by the opponent team with even score, then the serving is done by the player, who is positioned in the right side service court. However, if the opponents win by odd score, then the serve is made by the left hand service court's badminton player.
  • The service court of a player is determined by his or her position during the starting of the earlier rally.

Badminton Players in India

The country is proud to have some of the legends in the field of badminton, who took this sport of India to an appreciable level. To name a few of them are:

  • Prakash Padukone
  • Aparna Popat
  • Pullela Gopichand
Besides them, the nation is known for bringing forth many more talents. Names of some of the famous badminton players in India are mentioned below:
  • Abhin Syam Gupta
  • Chetan Anand
  • Nikhil Kanetkar
  • Sachin Ratti
  • Saina Nehwal

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