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London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony at the London 2012 Olympic Games commemorates the triumph, success and achievements of the athletes who participated in the games. The closing ceremony contains the official handover of the games from the host city 'London' to the next host city 'Rio de Janeiro' for the Olympic Games which will take place in 2016. The ceremony also witnesses the extinguishing of the Olympic Flame which signals the end of the Olympic Games.

The Closing Ceremony will be directed by Kim Gavin and his team of world-class directors and producers, presenting the world an artistic view of the United Kingdom culture and splendor. The Closing Ceremony is titled as 'A Symphony of British Music' which celebrates music as one of the strongest cultural exports in Britain since five decades. The worldwide broadcast on Sunday will begin at 9 pm BST and will feature around 15,000 performers, including volunteers 3,500 and 380 school children which will be witnessed by a capacity of 80,000 at the stadium and around 900 million worldwide.

The Organizers will have the privilege to work with country's most internationally successful musicians and industry's top stars. The London Symphony Orchestra has been prearranged to record the soundtracks used for the closing ceremony. The march of the athletes will also take place as the flag bearers of the each participating delegation will enter the Stadium in a single line, followed closely by the athletes. All athletes march together and not by nationality, since it's a tradition and a way of bringing all the world athletes together as 'One Nation.

The flag of Greece (the birthplace of the Olympic Games), the flag of the Host Nation (UK), and the flag of the Next Host Country (Brazil) will be hoisted on flagpoles one at a time, while their national anthems are played. The Mayor of the Host City will give back the flag to the President of the International Olympic Committee and then the President will present this flag to the Mayor of the next Host City, before declaring the Games closed. The Olympic Flame is then extinguished which is quite a touching and moving moment for everyone involved in the Olympic Games.

Last Updated on 8/6/2012