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Big Bash League 2012-13 Schedule

Big Bash League 2012-13 Schedule

The Big Bash League 2012-13 Cricket Tournament is scheduled to begin on 7th December 2012 and the final match will be held on 19 January 2012. The tournament is scheduled to take place in Australia. The Big Bash League 2012-2013 is definitely the tournament to look forward to as there are some of the best T20 teams who will take part in this tournament. The 8 teams which are participating in the Big Bash League 2012-2013 are: Adelaide Strikers, Hobart Hurricanes, Brisbane Heat, Melbourne Stars, Melbourne Renegades, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Thunder and Sydney Sixers.

The format this year has changed a little bit. Each team will play 7 matches and the 4 teams with the highest points will qualify for the semi finals. Here the first team will play against the fourth team and the second team against the third. If there is a tie after the 7 matches then the teams will be selected on the basis of net run rate. Teams will get 2 points for winning and 0 points if they lose. Following is the Schedule with full fixtures and time table for the Big Bash League 2012-13.

DateTime IST / GMTMatchDetailsVenue
12/07/1219:00 / 8:001st T20Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
12/08/1219:00 / 8:002nd T20Sydney Sixers vs Sydney ThunderSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
12/09/1217:00 / 7:003rd T20Brisbane Heat vs Hobart HurricanesBrisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane
12/09/1218:00 / 10:004th T20Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide StrikersW.A.C.A., Perth
12/12/1217:00 / 9:005th T20Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsW.A.C.A., Perth
12/13/1219:00 / 8:306th T20Adelaide Strikers vs Brisbane HeatAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
12/14/1219:00 / 8:007th T20Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne RenegadesANZ Stadium, Sydney
12/15/1219:00 / 8:008th T20Melbourne Stars vs Hobart HurricanesMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
12/16/1219:00 / 8:009th T20Sydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
12/18/1218:30 / 8:3010th T20Brisbane Heat vs Perth ScorchersBrisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane
12/19/1219:00 / 8:0011th T20Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
12/20/1219:00 / 8:0012th T20Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersANZ Stadium, Sydney
12/21/1219:00 / 8:0013th T20Melbourne Stars vs Sydney SixersMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
12/22/1219:00 / 8:0014th T20Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
12/23/1216:30 / 5:3015th T20Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney ThunderBellerive Oval, Hobart
12/23/1219:00 / 8:3016th T20Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney SixersAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
12/26/1219:00 / 8:0017th T20Sydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
12/27/1218:30 / 8:0018th T20Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
12/28/1219:00 / 8:0019th T20Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane HeatANZ Stadium, Sydney
12/29/1218:00 / 10:0020th T20Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne RenegadesW.A.C.A., Perth
12/30/1219:00 / 8:0021st T20Sydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersANZ Stadium, Sydney
01/01/1319:00 / 8:0022nd T20Hobart Hurricanes vs Perth ScorchersBellerive Oval, Hobart
01/02/1319:00 / 8:0023rd T20Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersDocklands Stadium, Melbourne
01/03/1318:00 / 8:0024th T20Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsBrisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane
01/04/1318:00 / 10:0025th T20Perth Scorchers vs Sydney ThunderW.A.C.A., Perth
01/05/1319:00 / 8:0026th T20Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersBellerive Oval, Hobart
01/06/1319:00 / 8:0027th T20Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
01/07/1318:00 / 8:0028th T20Brisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersBrisbane Cricket Ground, Brisbane
01/08/1319:00 / 8:0029th T20Melbourne Stars vs Sydney ThunderMelbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne
01/09/1319:00 / 8:0030th T20Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesSydney Cricket Ground, Sydney
01/10/1319:00 / 8:3031st T20Adelaide Strikers vs Perth ScorchersAdelaide Oval, Adelaide
01/12/1319:00 / 8:0032nd T20Hobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatBellerive Oval, Hobart
01/15/13TBC1st Semi Final T20TBC vs TBC (1 v 4)TBC
01/16/13TBC2nd Semi Final T20TBC vs TBC (2 v 3)TBC
01/19/13TBCThe Final T20TBC vs TBCTBC

*TBC = to be confirmed

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