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SLPL 2012 points Table

The Sri Lanka Premier League of Twenty 20 matches have been started on 10th August 2012 at R.Premadasa stadium in Colombo. The tournament will see many international and national players playing with their teams to win the cup.
The tournament will be held in Colombo and Kandy. There are around 7 teams in the tournament, which will feature local as well as international players. Fans all over the world are thrilled to watch the matches live on their television screens as well as on the stadium.

The names of the seven teams are Nagenahira Nagas, Ruhuna Royals, Uva next, Basnahira cricket Dundee, Wayamba United, Kandurata Warriors and Uthura Rudras. Each team will represent their province and win points for each match they win. Every team comprises of 24 players. There will be 18 players from Australia and 13 players from Pakistan. Apart from this each team will comprise of an icon player, which will features two foreign players. Each team will have a maximum of 18 players and 6 foreign players. However, for each game only 4 foreign players will be played. The 6 players will be local players and one from the under 21 international player.

The most successful team will win the most points, while the weaker team will lose points in the matches. One can easily evaluate the points through the SLPL points table that are published after every match. The point table provides information regarding the matches played by a particular team and the matches won by the team or the matches lost by the team. It will also show if it is a tie between the two teams. This will show the points and how it stands in the tournament. You can find the points and the Net Run rate in detail in the table. The net run rate is very significant in the SLPL as it can change the standings of a team. The net run can be negative or positive depending on the performance of the team.

TeamsMatWonLostTiedN/RPtsNet RRForAgainst
Wayamba United65100101.37994/119.2835/120.0
Nagenahira Nagas642008-0.35819/109.4876/112.0
Kandurata Warriors6320170.42682/89.0641/88.3
Uva Next6320170.08707/97.3711/99.1
Ruhuna Royals624004-0.14738/104.4777/108.0
Uthura Rudras624004-0.53831/111.2883/110.3
Basnahira CricketDundee615002-0.89782/113.0830/106.2

Uva Next won the 2012 Sri Lanka Premier League
Final Score :
Nagenahira Nagas innings (15 overs maximum) : 134/4
Uva Next innings (target: 45 runs from 5.1 overs) : 63/1
Uva Next won by 19 runs (D/L method)

Last Updated on 9/3/2012