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Arjuna Awardees in Hockey

Hockey is considered to be one of the most popular sports in India after cricket, owing to its resemblance to a similar sport, which was played in ancient India. Hockey is also known as national game of India because the mythological Hindu avatar Lord Sri Krishna used to play the similar sport with a stick and a ball made of wood in Vrindavan in his childhood.

The modern hockey in its present form was played in Europe and it was brought to India during the 19th century, when the colonial rulers and British Army regiments used to play it in their leisure time. The game of hockey received an early recognition by the masses in India and various state and national hockey associations were formed. The leading body, which administers the game of hockey in India, is Indian Hockey Federation (IHF). IHF manages the sport of hockey through various state hockey associations spread all over India.

The Indian Olympic Association (IOS) has constituted a national selection committee that would look after and manage the activities of Indian hockey. The committee comprises of five members and it works in association with International Field Hockey Federation. So the major governing bodies of Indian hockey includes, the national selection committee, state hockey associations, IHF and a few hockey academies such as Dhanraj Ballal Hockey Academy etc. All of these bodies have a common task to identify and nurture the emerging talents in Indian hockey.

The Indian national team is the pride of nation as it has brought honor to the country several times by winning numerous international trophies and competitions. Indian hockey team was considered to be a formidable team in international arena in the first half of 20th century. The period between 1928 and 1956 can be called a glorious era of Indian hockey, when Indian men's hockey team won six Olympics gold medals in a row.

The Indian women's hockey team is also not far behind as it has brought home three gold medals in different international events between 2002 and 2004 recently. But these are not the only two hockey teams of India, there are lots of other teams such as national senior hockey team, national junior hockey team and Indian state hockey teams, apart from many services teams and club teams.

All these teams work very hard to contribute to raise the standard of Indian hockey. Not only are there frequent interstate hockey competitions, but there are also many national level tournaments, which encourage the young talents to exhibit their skills and to provide them an opportunity to represent India as part of the Indian national hockey team. The newest and most interesting feature of Indian hockey is the Premier Hockey League (PHL), which has been introduced recently to raise its standards further.

Among the many performers of Indian hockey, who have got recognition and praise at international level for their skills, speed, flexibility and techniques, Major Dhyan Chand enjoy a prestigious position. He represented the Indian hockey team in 1928, in the Amsterdam Olympics. He played an instrumental role, when India won gold medal in three successive Olympics games viz Amsterdam, Los Angles and Berlin in 1928, 1932 and 1936 respectively. During the Berlin Olympics, he led the winning Indian team as captain. He was also a performer of extraordinary talent and he scored one hundred and one goal in different Olympic events and three hundred goals in other international competitions. He was also called the 'Hockey Wizard' of India. During Amsterdam Olympics Indian team scored a total of twenty eight goals out of which eleven were scored by the 'hockey wizard,' Dhyan Chand.

Arjuna awardees in hockey from 1961 are as follows:

1961P. Singh
1961A Lumsden
1963C Singh
1964S. Laxman
1965U Singh
1965E. Britto
1966V. J. Peter
1966S Puri
1966G Singh
1967H Singh
1967M Lal
1968B S Kular
1970A P Singh
1971P. Krishnamurthy
1972M Kindo
1973M. P. Ganesh
1973O. Mascarenhas
1974A Kumar
1974A. Kaur
1975B. P. Govinda
1975R. Saini
1977-78Capt. H Singh
1977-78L. L. Fernandes
1979-80V Baskaran
1979-80R. B. Mundphan
1980-81Mohammed Shahid
1980-81E Nelson
1981V Soni
1983Zafar Iqbal
1984R Kaur
1984S. Maney
1985P M Sonir
1985M. M. Somaya
1986J.M. Carvalho
1988M. P. Singh
1989P Singh
1990J Singh
1992M Fernandes
1994J F Sabastain
1995D Pillai
1995M Kumar
1996A. B. Subbaiah
1996A K Ballal
1997H Singh
1997S S Sodhi
1997R Singh
1998S. S Singh
1998P R Siwach
1998B. S. Dhillon
1998S. O Kumari
1998Mohammed Riaz
1998B Singh
1998M K Kaushik
1999B S Kullar
1998Lt. Col. H Kaushik
1998R Singh
1998V. J. Phillips
2000B S Saini
2000T Chanu
2000Capt. R. S. Bhola
2000B Singh
2000J Rizvi
2000M Yadav
2002D Tirkey
2002G A Singh
2002M Kharab
2003D Chauhan
2003S L Devi
2004D Thakur
2004I H Mary
2005V Rasquinha
2006J S Kullu
2008P Singh
2009S Kaur
2009I Tirkey
2010J K Handa
2011R Singh
2012S Singh

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