Cricket Schedule 2014

Cricket Match Schedule 2014

As the New Year starts, the anticipation of the upcoming sporting events begins to increase. So for all the cricket enthusiasts, we bring to you the complete cricket schedule for the year 2014. The 2014 Cricket schedule will feature a list of upcoming cricket tournaments or series of all the teams in the International Cricket Council (ICC). The cricket schedule will feature details of essential series and tournament against different teams in various countries of the world. The ICC has released the Future Tour Program (FTP) which provides a complete framework to individual boards so that plans can be prepared in advance with other nations on the basis of prearranged series tour Itinerary.

The following list provides a full cricket schedule of each country for 2014.

MonthSeries DetailsHost
Oct 2013-Jan 2014Ranji Trophy 2013-14 (115 Ranji Matches (4-Day Match))India
Nov 2013-Jan 2014The Ashes 2013-14 (5 Test matches)Australia
Nov 2013-Feb 2014England tour of Australia 2013-14 (5 Test, 5 ODI and 3 T20 matches)Australia
Nov 2013-Apr 2014Sunfoil Series 2013-14 (30 First Class matches)South Africa
Dec 2013-Jan 2014West Indies tour of New Zealand 2013-14 (3 Test, 5 ODI and 2 T20 match)New Zealand
Dec 2013-Jan 2014Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2013-14 (3 Test, 5 ODI and 2 T20 match)Sri Lanka
Dec 2013-Feb 2014Big Bash League 2013-14 (35 T20 matches including Final)Australia
Jan-Feb 2014Ram Slam T20 Challenge 2013-14 (32 T20 matches including Final)South Africa
Jan-Feb 2014India tour of New Zealand 2014 (2 Test and 5 ODI matches)New Zealand
Jan-Feb 2014Sri Lanka tour of Bangladesh 2014 (2 Test, 2 T20 and 3 ODI matches)Bangladesh
February 2014Irani Cup 2014 (1 Test between Ranji winner and Rest of India)India
Feb-Mar 2014Australia tour of South Africa 2014 (3 Test and 3 Twenty20 matches)South Africa
Feb-Mar 2014Asia Cup 2014 Schedule (11 ODI Match)Bangladesh
Feb-Mar 2014England tour of West Indies 2014 (3 ODI and 3 Twenty20 matches)West Indies
Mar-Apr 2014T20 World Cup 2014 Schedule (35 T20 matches)Bangladesh
March 2014Deodhar Trophy 2014 (4 matches including Final)India
Apr-May 2014IPL 2014 Schedule (76 T20 matches)India
May-Jun 2014Sri Lanka tour of England 2014 (2 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20 match)England
May-Jul 2014New Zealand tour of West Indies 2014 (3 Test, 5 ODI and 2 T20 match)West Indies
June 2014India tour of Bangladesh 2014 (3 ODI matches)Bangladesh
Jun-Jul 2014Australia tour of Zimbabwe 2014 (3 ODI matches)Zimbabwe
Jul-Sep 2014India tour of England 2014 (5 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20 match)England
Jul-Aug 2014Bangladesh tour of West Indies 2014 (2 Test, 3 ODI and 1 T20)West Indies
Jul-Aug 2014South Africa tour of Zimbabwe 2014 (2 Test, 3 ODI and 1 T20)Zimbabwe
September 2014Champions League T20 2014 (29 T20 matches including Final)N/A
October 2014Pakistan vs Australia 2014 (3 Test matches)UAE
Oct-Nov 2014West Indies tour of India 2014 (3 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20)India
Oct-Nov 2014Zimbabwe tour of Bangladesh 2014 (2 Test matches)Bangladesh
November 2014South Africa tour of Australia 2014 (5 ODI and 2 T20 matches)Australia
Nov-Dec 2014Pakistan vs New Zealand 2014 (3 Test, 3 ODI and 1 T20)UAE
Nov-Dec 2014England tour of Sri Lanka 2014 (5 ODI and 2 T20 matches)Sri Lanka
December 2014Pakistan vs Zimbabwe 2014 (2 Test, 3 ODI and 2 T20 matches)Pakistan/UAE
Dec 2014-Jan 2015India tour of Australia 2014-15 (4 Test matches)Australia
Dec 2014-Feb 2015West Indies tour of South Africa 2014-15 (3 Test, 5 ODI and 2 T20)South Africa
Dec 2014-Jan 2015Sri Lanka tour of New Zealand 2014-15 (2 Test, 5 ODI and 1 T20 match)New Zealand

Last Updated on : January 20, 2014

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