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kabaddi World Cup 2011

Kabbadi World Cup 2011 scheduled to be held in Punjab from 2nd November is expected to boost sports in India and Kabbadi in particular. The sport has a lot of takers in India especially in the rural parts of the country. A tournament like this will only add to the large fan base of the game in the parts of Punjab and Haryana.

It has been a high time that India concentrates on the games that were an integral part of Indian culture and received a step motherly treatment because of all the hype associated with other major sports like cricket and football. India has been an undisputed champion in all the Kabbadi World Cups Held till date and this fact emphasizes all the more strongly the belief that India needs to concentrate on sports its good at rather than eyeing every other glamorous sporting event.

The event is planned to be held over a span of almost 20 days. There will be 14 teams competing to be World Kabbadi Champions and take home the title whereas India will strive hard to keep the cup home. The state of Punjab which has Kabbadi as its State Game, will host the event at 16 venues across the state. The winners will take home a whopping sum of Rs. 4.11 crores. The 1st runner ups will get richer by Rs.1 crores whereas the prize for finishing at the third sport is Rs. 51 lakhs. Each participating team will win Rs. 10 lakh each.

To add to the glamour of the event several renowned celebrities are invited to perform during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Pearl Kabbadi World Cup 2011. Sharukh Khan was the centre of attraction during the opening ceremony of the event and people went crazy seeing the much loved celebrity amidst them. Besides, singer Sukhvinder Singh also entertained the crowd. The closing ceremony is expected to bring the likes of Karisma Kapoor and Katrina Kaif to the city of Ludhiana where the final match will be held on 20th of November. People are excited to catch a glimpse of the beautiful ladies. The excitement is mounting as India won its first match against Germany on 2nd November at the Nehru Stadium in Faridkot by a large margin.

Last Updated on 11/7/2011